Sunday, April 20, 2008

i started flag football yesterday 4/19/08 its so fun.


TheHottonSix said...

Cool...we should have got Braxton signed up with you. He would have liked that.

Katie said...


Aunt Katie told me that I was supposed to quiz you about Presidential trivia. So here is my quiz.

Below is a link to a famous painting of George Washington and the Revolutionary Army by Emanuel Leutze. I want you to learn the story behind the painting and post it on your blog. Many people have seen the painting, but don't know the story. So your answer can help teach many people about U.S. History.

Your blog post should answer the following questions:

1) What river are they crossing?
2) Why is the army crossing the river?
3) What day was it?
3) What was so important about the event that made Emanuel Leutze feel it was worth painting?

Good Luck,
Uncle Jack

Alison said...

James... I am new to your blog and am so impressed with everything that you know about the Presidents. That is awesome! I have a seven year old daughter and I just asked her who the President of the US was and you will never guess her reply... She said "George W. Washington." You should tutor her.

I used to babysit your mom when she was little like you! Those were some great days. She was a great kid!

Dawn said...

Jack - I don't know what river they're crossing, but it sure looks COOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDD! BBBRRRRRRR!

Good luck Jims!